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Celebrity Tea Time: A Very Cavvie Christmas by MaryKosmosVer2 Celebrity Tea Time: A Very Cavvie Christmas by MaryKosmosVer2
Good morning, everybody! It's time for a special episode of Celebrity Tea Time, with your hosts Ralph and Susuki!

Ralph: "Hello, everybody. I'm Ralph."
Susuki: "And I'm Susuki."
Ralph: "And welcome to—"
Ralph and Susuki: "Celebrity Tea Time!"
Ralph: "Where we, Susuki and I, talk about all of the things that come to our celebrity minds."
Susuki: "All kinds of things from celebrity complaints to boy toys, you name it."
Laugh track.
Susuki: "Hey, Ralph. You know what time it is?"
Ralph: "What?"
Susuki: [singing] "It's most wonderful time of the year!"
The audience applauded and Ralph laughed.
Ralph: "I should've known."
Susuki laughed sheepishly.
Susuki: "Well, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?"
Ralph: "Indeed it is. This year has probably been one of the Shonen Academy's most eventful years, don't you think?"
Susuki: "You're right. So many things happened that I just can't name them from the top of my head."
Ralph: "Well, there's Project XOTA to start it all."
Susuki: "Oh yeah. The Shonen Academy's singing software. It was originally going to be one, but due to the mainly positive feedback Q.P. received, the project expanded to three."
Ralph: "A wonderful contribution indeed, though I heard that it's still in progress. I wonder when Project XOTA will be finished?"
Susuki: [shrugging] "Beats me."
Ralph: "Whatever's holding up, let's hope the project is finished soon."
Susuki: "Same here."
The audience assented.
Susuki: "Then there were the field trips."
Ralph: "Oh yes. The field trips were a perfect idea for the Shonen Academy teams to spend time with each other not in uniform."
The audience chuckled.
Ralph: "We've had two, soon to be three, field trips thus far: Waka Beach and the Harvest Festival. Which one was your favorite, Susuki?"
Susuki: "Waka Beach. I enjoy showing off some skin, as you can tell."
Ralph chuckled.
Susuki: "And yours?"
Ralph: "The Harvest Festival. An English like me preferring the field trip about an American festivity. Has the world gone batty or what?"
Susuki laughed sheepishly.
Ralph: "What about the rest of you? Which was your favorite field trip?"
The audience clamored, until Ralph raised a hand.
Ralph: "Now, now. Let's settle this in a civilized manner. How many prefer Waka Beach?"
One half of the studio raised their hands.
Ralph: "How many prefer the Harvest Festival?"
The other half did the same.
Ralph: "I should've guess."
The hosts chuckled.
Xami: [hushed] "Psst! Psst!"
Ralph: "Hmm? Oh yes. Another reason what makes this year the Shonen Academy's most eventful was thanks to our special guests during the Christmas spectacular."
Susuki: "I bet you can guess who they are, right? Let us hear it!"
More clamoring. Ralph raised another hand.
Ralph: "Well, you heard the audience. Everybody, put your hands together for the Cavalier Brothers."
Four boys dressed in black, red, and white uniforms stepped out of the curtains and took their seats on the cream sofas: the black-haired boys on Ralph's sofa and the red-haired boys on Susuki's. One of the black-haired boys had dark skin, while one of the red-haired boys had freckles.
Susuki: "The world-famous Cavalier Brothers, we presume?"
???: [embarrassed] "No need for the formalities. We're just like all the other lads, average and all."
Susuki: "Fine by me."
Ralph: "Why don't you introduce yourselves to the audience?"
???: "But of course, my good man."
The freckled boy stood up and raised his hand at the black-haired boy at the farthest left.
???: "This is Gwyn."
Gwyn greeted with a nod. The freckled boy moved to the dark-skinned boy.
???: "This is Duon."
Duon shyly glanced at the audience and smiled. The freckled boy came to the red-haired boy with the medium complexion.
???: "This is Coch."
Coch waved to the audience. The freckled boy pointed at himself.
???: "And I'm Welw."
Gwyn, Duon, and Coch stood up along with Welw.
Welw: "And together, we are the Cavalier Brothers."
Cavalier Brothers: [singing] "Do Re Mi Fa So!"
The audience applauded, as the brothers sat back down.
Ralph: "So you're a singing group?"
Coch: "Yes. And we're also professionally trained horseback riders and dog trainers."
Susuki: "Dog trainers?"
Gwyn: [with a hint of pride] "Actually, we're dog trainers, dog groomers, and award-winning dog breeders." 
Duon: "But despite our fame and fortune, we're just average Welsh brothers who ever so love our precious puppy wuppies!"
Coch gasped.
Ralph: "What's wrong, Coch?"
Coch: "Our puppies! We forgot to bring our puppies to the studio!"
Gwyn, Duon, and Welw joined in the gasping fest, and then, the brothers started scrounging through the cream sofas.
Susuki: "Your puppies?"
Welw: "Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! Our bundles of joy! Our babies!"
Gwyn: "We never go anywhere without them. Oh, the thought of what troubles they'll have to face during our absence is just too much for us to bear!"
Ralph: "Perhaps you left them at the Animal Shelter?"
Duon gasped.
Duon: "Of course! We must contact them right away!"
Ralph: "Xami."
Xami: "On it!"
Ralph and Susuki got out of their seats and led the brothers back to the cream sofas.
Susuki: "I take it that you all really love your dogs, don't you?"
Welw: "Didn't you hear us? They're our furry little angels! How could we not love them?"
Susuki shrugged.
Ralph: "While we're waiting, why don't you tell us a little more about your dogs?"
Coch: "Well, since you asked, I suppose why not. Our puppies are well-bred, highly-trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are champion show dogs and the sweetest furry companions anyone could ever have."
Ralph: "Ren and Channing, who happen to be two of your biggest fans, told us that your dogs look exactly like you? Is this true?"
Gwyn: "Now who in the right mind would come up with such a cockamamie comment? Our prized pooches boast beauty and charm in their own special ways. The four of us couldn't be happier with such little darlings!"
Susuki: "What are their names?"
Duon: "Dolly, Molly, Holly, and Polly."
Susuki: "What do you know? Their names rhyme."
Duon: "Thank you. We came up with the names. It makes it easier for us to keep track of them that way."
Ralph: "Xami, any word from the Animal Shelter?"
Xami: "The dogs have just been shipped off. They should be arriving in—"
All of a sudden, what sounded like struggling came from the curtains, as Ralph and Susuki got up and headed for the left side of the studio.
Ralph: [in the distance] "Thanks, Lyric."
Ralph and Susuki returned, pushing a large and heavy green and red present into the studio. By the time they set the present onto the coffee table, the hosts collapsed onto the cream sofas and panted heavily.
Ralph: "Goodness! What's inside this present?"
Susuki: "Well, let's find out."
Once they caught their breath, Ralph and Susuki removed the present lid and found four dogs colored black, red, and white cuddling inside. The Cavalier Brothers took a peek and gasped at the dogs like a group of mothers.
Gwyn: "Dolly!"
Duon: "Molly!"
Coch: "Holly!"
Welw: "Polly!"
Cavalier Brothers: "You're okay!"
The cavvies woke up and poked their heads out of the festive box they lay in, glancing at the audience, later the hosts, and finally their owners and smiled. One by one, the brothers lifted their prized puppies in their arms and began snuggling them like no tomorrow. Polly, the Blenheim in Welw's arms, started leaning towards Susuki and licking the air.
Welw: [to Susuki] "I think Polly wants to say hello."
Susuki leaned over Welw's shoulder, as Polly began pawing Susuki's cheeks and smothering him with kisses.
Susuki: [laughing] "Hey! Hey! Hello to you too!"
Ralph: "Don't I get a turn too?"
Duon: "But of course."
Duon settled Molly on Ralph's shoulder, and then, Molly looked up and gently licked Ralph's face.
Ralph: [laughing] "Hello there."
Xami: "What about the rest of us?"
Coch: "Of course! In fact, by the time this broadcast will be done, our puppies are open for petting and loving until the end of the day."
Gwyn: "Would you two do the honors?"
Ralph: "But of course."
Ralph and Susuki leaned towards Xami's camcorder.
Ralph: "Well, that's all the time we have."
Susuki: "We hope everybody out is spreading holiday cheer to their side of the world with their friends, family, and puppy wuppies."
The Cavalier Brothers lifted up their cavvies with a giggle.
Ralph: "Also, don't forget to tune in for the next Celebrity Tea Time at 8:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the evening."
Susuki "Until then—"
Ralph and Susuki: "So long and have a very Merry Christmas!"
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